about us


Peacock International Hotel Management provides a wide range of specialized turnkey solutions for the hospitality industry - from operational systems, staff uniform designs, to the smallest décor detail including the carpet that has to be laid at the hotel entrance to receive your valued guests.

Peacock International Hotel Management is a specialized international hotel management company founded by Ghassan Jaber in 2001, and registered in Laval, Quebec, Canada.


Peacock International Hotel Management was established with the vision to offer hospitality industry stakeholders with a range of services that would be tailored specifically for their needs. Since our establishment in 2007, we have been able to offer these kinds of services to investors, owners, and world-wide hotel management chains alike, with effective and positive results.

Truthfully, we have not invented a new range of services, created a new set of skills, or changed what hospitality is. We have used our experience, our know-how, and our skill set to ensure that each service we do offer is fine-tuned and successful.

Our journey in this industry has been long and is continuing with the further development of our company and its services. It is what we’ve learned over this journey that is now taking us to new markets and to the next level.

Ghassan Jaber
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Our greatest asset is our people. Our experience stems from the employment of hospitality professionals with vast international experience in the industry. We strive to meet all of our clients’ demands, while implementing Peacock International Hotel Management and international standards.

At Peacock International Hotel Management, we aim to create a setting and environment that brings out the best of every team member. Our company culture helps achieve each team members’ ambitions and in turn push for positive results for the client.

The Peacock International Hotel Management team is ready to provide individualized professional services to our clients and will always ensure the successful completion of each project and business venture. Each member of our team strives to meet all of our clients’ demands and ensure that each project meets our standards, along with recognized international standards.


Our philosophy is to accommodate the owner and partnership management groups in today’s business climate. We consider every investor an individual with a particular perspective for future growth within his/her monarchy. Therefore, we believe in providing a range of tailored services that meet the needs of every specific case.


Towards the Owners

The main objective of the company is to provide a healthy return of investment for investors and hotel owners.

Towards the Guests

To administer total guest satisfaction through an effective, courteous, friendly, innovative, professional and active management approach.

Towards the Management

Peacock International Hotel Management is dedicated to create a pleasant working environment for its associates where they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. Training courses are provided to employees of all levels in order to enhance their career development.