Peacock International Hotel Management offers a range of consultancy services that are aimed at improving investor knowledge about the project at hand. Each consultancy is tailor-made to ensure that every owner or investor gains the most out of the services provided. From Asset Management to Sales and Marketing Consultancy, Peacock International Hotel Management caters to the needs of every client.


Our professional advice and guidance to prospective hotel owners and developers and to existing owners are extensive and include tailor-made services customized for specific requests.

  • Owner Representation
  • Hotel Management Company Evaluation and Selection
  • Franchise Evaluation and Selection
  • Contract Review, Analysis, and Recommendation
  • Lease Review, Analysis, and Recommendation
  • Concepts Review, Analysis and Recommendation
  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Operation Review, Analysis, and Recommendations


Any new or renovation project will involve a thorough analysis and evaluation, followed by timely and well managed execution of functionalities. Peacock International Hotel Management conducts effective, start-to-finish Project Management, delivering these functionalities.

  • Identification and recommendation of suitable contractors
  • Site Analysis
  • Coordination and planning of ground-up development, renovation, or capital expenditure project
  • Physical asset assessment
  • Application of appropriate development strategies
  • Evaluation of property features and dimensions
  • Business research and evaluation
  • Financial impact and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies on income and/or return on investment
  • Analyzing competitive positioning of an existing or proposed Hotel
  • Resource analysis and allocation
  • Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Strategic advice and company structuring/restructuring


Peacock International Hotel Management fashions sound solutions that bridge the clients’ desired theme and the travelers’ ever-evolving needs. Each owner is given their own exclusive brand, based on different criteria. We believe that every owner is unique, every hotel is unique, and these distinctions should be manifested through creative branding.

Our branding and rebranding consists of a systematic process where we work closely with the client to deliver the most appropriate results. We pride ourselves in possessing the creativity to establish new concepts and new brands that will be both appealing and unique.

  • Choosing a Company Name (Trade Name)
  • Logotype Design
  • Domain Name and Registration (
  • Choosing Corporate Colors
  • Corporate Identity Consulting and Special Services (Corporate Identity Manual Development)
  • Advertising Style Guidelines
  • Additional Design Services i.e. Letterhead Design, Stationary & Business Forms, Product Styling, Packaging, Promotional/Novelty Gifts, Signage, Vehicles, Brochures & Annual Reports, Exhibition Graphics & Print Advertisements


Sales and Marketing is a crucial element both domestically and internationally. We place a special emphasis on this critical area known as the “back bone” of any hotel. Thorough market research, customer basis analysis and competition intelligence are the functionalities by which we operate to effectively advise the way in which Marketing, Sales and Public Relations monies should be allocated.

  • Marketing Planning and Implementation of Marketing Plan
  • Coordination of Advertising and Marketing
  • Communication Planning including Advertising and Public Relations
  • Market Knowledge
  • Competition Intelligence
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Commercial Plan of Action Development
  • Sales Standards and Procedures Implementation
  • Provide tools and systems for effective execution and tracking of Sales and Marketing programs


The core of any successful hospitality division lies in its staff and organizational structure. Peacock International Hotel Management recognizes the importance of this, and facilitates organization, reorganization, structuring and restructuring, using a highly systematic and professional approach which exceeds industry standards.

  • Analysis of Staffing and Manning
  • Analysis of organization
  • Strategic Structuring
  • Functional Structuring
  • Planning and integration of Restructuring
  • Change Management
  • Staff Resource Mapping
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Grading


With growing globalization and consolidation in the hospitality sector, we are increasingly called upon to review portfolios of hotels, a crucial preliminary to a major transaction for either a buyer or a seller. Our experience in this field, coupled with an unrivalled database, enables us to act quickly and efficiently to provide information on the competitive environment, future performance and likely valuation of the portfolio.

  • Current Financial Statement, Balance Sheet and Business Plan analysis
  • Market analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Cash Management
  • Capital Expenditures Budget
  • Budget Development
  • Review of Business Marketing plan
  • Review of all pre-opening budgets
  • Feasibility studies on income and/or return on investment
  • Project and Investment Recommendations
  • Estimates of Future Operational/Financial Performance
  • Financial implications of Concept Development


Managing human resources in the hospitality industry presents special challenges, including highly diverse employee backgrounds and roles, an ever-present focus on guest services, and organizational structures that often diverge from generic corporate models. Peacock International Hotel Management takes pride in being able to provide the definitive methodologies to successfully undertake these challenges, on an overall as well as day-to-day basis. As the core of any hospitality division is the personnel, we are devoted to ensuring that the team of personnel meets international hotel standards.

  • Analysis of Manning
  • Organization of Manning
  • Training
  • Issuance of Contracts and Staff Policies / Handbook
  • Issuance of Job Descriptions
  • Organizational Structure
  • Employee Grading
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation
  • Accommodation


Any new project or renovation will involve design and planning for various functions of the available space. Consultation and start-to-finish project supervision and reporting is conducted to ensure the professionalism and supremacy of final product.

  • Financial Evaluation
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Architectural Evaluation
  • - Building compatibility and design
    - Local Building Code Compliance
  • Engineering Service Evaluation
  • Resource Evaluation
  • Action Plan
  • Supervision


Services offered include expertise in Kitchen Planning, Culinary Department Operational Procedures and assessment of varied food and beverage outlets and kitchens.

  • Kitchen Organization
  • Kitchen Procedures
  • Basic concept of Food Safety
  • Personal Hygiene and Health
  • Assessment of Cleaning and Disinfection Schedules
  • HACCP Assessment


  • Capital Management and Planning
  • Capital Advisory Services
  • Contract Management
  • Franchise Management
  • Franchise Relations
  • Research Services
  • Valuation/Appraisal
  • Corporate Services