Peacock International Hotel Management fashion its branding solutions through extensive research and market analysis. Each owner is given an exclusive brand, tailor made to the wants and the needs of their clientele. We believe that every venture is unique, every outlet is unique, and these distinctions should be manifested through creative branding.

Our branding and rebranding consists of a systematic process whereby we work closely with the client to deliver the most appropriate results. We pride ourselves in possessing the creativity to establish new concepts, new brands that will be both appealing and unique.


The design of a Food and Beverage outlet is a fundamental aspect in its reputation, the reputation of the brand and its overall success. Peacock International Hotel Management prides itself in this expertise which consists of start-to-finish Interior Design Project Management supervision and execution.


Peacock International Hotel Management devises solutions and tools to facilitate cost control, notably by Menu Engineering. With this customer pricing and recipe design, proactive planning can be accurately implemented.


Peacock International Hotel Management aims to ensure that every Food and Beverage outlet under its management is well-run and performing at high standards. Food and Beverage is one of our passions and it is through the Peacock International Hotel Management Standards and Procedures that we ensure that every owner and every patron are consistently satisfied.