Peacock International Hotel Management Standards and Procedures are instilled into every property to guarantee that all targets and expectations are met on time to ensure a high operating revenue and rate of return for the owner or investor.

  • Hotel and resort management [pre-opening and ongoing operational management]
  • Hotel management business plan: Budget and Expense Forecast, Marketing and Sales objectives, Training and other Cost Controls
  • Extensive and centralized corporate support
  • Resource Deployment
  • Application of modules based on Peacock International Hotel Management Standards and Procedures
  • Establishment of minimum standards
  • Quality control
  • Overview of day-to-day operations
  • Reflect brand integrity and image


Peacock International Hotel Management’s “Operational Management Support” is designed specifically for each different operation to ensure that every project is supported in the required manner. This particular service can be designed to aid any hotel management company operating any property and is meant to improve overall performance.

  • Operational review and recommendations
  • Guide and assist leaders to conduct successful operation
  • Identify policies and procedures for successful job performance
  • Review of audited financial statements
  • Plan activities that are appropriate for the property
  • Budget and expense forecast
  • Operational accounting and reporting services
  • Communication planning (advertising and public relations)